Technisonic Research AWS Transducers, 2.25 MHZ x .63" x .63"

Technisonic Research AWS Transducers, 2.25 MHZ x .63" x .63"

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To provide you with the longest shelf life (consumables) and / or the most current certification (Equipment) these items can be shipped directly from the manufacturer.

Lead Time: 1 to 2 Days Processing time + shipping time

AWS 2.25 MHz versions available in .63 x .63 (5/8 x 5/8), .63 x .75 (5/8 x 3/4), .75 x .75 (3/4 x 3/4) element sizes. in both GP (General Purpose) or CMP (Piezocomposite) elements.

Other frequencies and element dimensions are available in the ABS case style.

The CMP (Piezocomposite) Style are available Contact us for pricing and lead time.

Angle Beam Transducers and their wedges generate shear (transverse) waves at the specified angle in a given test material to detect flaws that cannot be detected by a straight beam transducer. Typical applications include weld inspection, tube and pipe, shafts, turbine blades and wheel rims. Shear waves are produced by refracting a longitudinal wave in a precision machined acrylic wedge that also minimizes wedge noise.