Sonotech Pyrogel 100 Case of (two 12 ounce bottles) high temperature

Sonotech, Pyrogel 100 High Temperature Couplant, Case (Two 12 oz Tubes)

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Sonotech, Pyrogel 100 Case (Two 12 oz Tubes)

Pyrogel 100 is also available in Gallon size, but the minimum order is Two Gallons. Which are considered to be Special Order with a 4 week lead time. Please contact us.


Wide Temperature Range Ultrasonic Couplant
Pyrogel® is a broad temperature range couplant for thickness gauging, flow metering, acoustic emissions testing and flaw detection/sizing. These products contain no polymers and resists drying, making them an excellent choice for long term flow metering applications.

Pyrogel 100 which is a thick gel. Pyrogel 100 recommended temperature range is -50 to 805°F / -45 to 429°C.


  • Broadest temperature range
  • Non-drying for long-term coupling or extended inspection time
  • Good choice for long-term flow metering
  • Excellent long-term corrosion inhibition
  • Pyrogel 100 clings well to vertical and overhead surfaces