SKC-S, Magnaflux Cleaner

Magnaflux, SKC-S
Cleaner / Remover

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Magnaflux SKC-S Cleaner / Remover Case 12 Aerosols

Spotcheck® SKC-S is a non-halogenated material used in the liquid penetrant inspection process. SKC-S is used on a moist cloth to remove surface penetrant from the inspection area prior to applying developer.

Specifications Compliance:

  • AMS-2644; MIL-STD-271; MIL-STD-2132; AECL; ASTM E 165; ASTM E 1417; ASME B&PV Code, Section V; NAVSEA 250-1500-1; General Electric P50YP107; Boeing PS-21202, ISO 3452-2


  • Type 2