14AM, Mag Particle Aerosols

Magnaflux, 14AM
Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Aerosols

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14 AM Fluorescent Magnetic Particle, Oil Based Case 12 Aerosols

Oil-Based Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Suspension. 14AM is a ready-to-use magnetic particle suspension liquid for locating very fine discontinuities in critical parts and applications by providing clear, bright, fluorescent green indications for excellent inspection quality and accuracy.

This high-performance prepared particle bath combines Magnaflux's best-in-industry 14A magnetic particles with Carrier II NDT-approved suspension oil for quick, reliable mag particle testing with less maintenance.

14AM is an ideal choice for high performance inspections of precision safety-critical or high-stress components, and to extend the life of valuable mag particle equipment.

14AM meets all major industry and NDT specification requirements, including Aerospace, ASTM and ISO 9934.