Magnaflux, 20B Fluorescent<br>Magnetic Particle Powder, 30 lb Pail
20B Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Powder
Magnaflux, 20B Fluorescent<br>Magnetic Particle Powder, 30 lb Pail

Magnaflux, 20B Fluorescent
Magnetic Particle Powder, 30 lb Pail

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20 B Dry Fluorescent Powder for use in Water Media Is available in a 1 lb jar and 30 lb pail

20B is a highly-sensitive magnetic particle premix powder for locating fine discontinuities in high volume applications, such as forging, casting, stamping and welding.

Combining Magnaflux's best-in-industry 14A magnetic particles, corrosion inhibitors and wetting agents, 20B is an easy-to-use premix for making magnetic particle water bath. The ultra-sensitive 14A particles provide clear, bright, fluorescent green indications under ultra-violet black light for unbeatable inspection quality and accuracy, and the water conditioners provide corrosion protection and complete surface wetting.

20B is a great choice for baths which need to be changed out frequently due to drag-in or heavy-use and is ideal for in-process testing to detect cracks, seams, inclusions, laps, tears and flakes.

20B meets all major industry and NDT specification requirements, including automotive, API and ASTM standards.