DeFelsko PRBF Integral Probe for Coatings on Ferrous Materials on Red part

DeFelsko PosiTector 6000 PRBF Ferrous Integral Probe

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F, N, FN, FT

PosiTector 6000 F (PRBF) integral probe
Ideal for one-handed operation, Ferrous Only

This is an Interchangeable probe.

Dependent on your application you might need one of the following Integral cabled probes.

 PosiTector 6000 F Probe PRBF
PosiTector 6000 N Probe PRBN
PosiTector 6000 FN Probe   PRBFN

PosiTector 6000 FT



Contact us if you have special requirements, We will need to know your application.