Parker, B 300 AC Yoke

Parker, B 300 AC Yoke 115Volt

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The B-300 Contour Probe is a lightweight (7 1/2 pounds) Magnetic Inspection Yoke designed to perform magnetic particle inspections quickly and reliably.

As with the other Parker probes, the B-300 has fully adjustable legs which allow the strong AC field to be applied directly to the precise area to be inspected, regardless of part size or mass.


B-300 Specifications
Line Voltage Single Phase 115 VAC
50/60 Hz
Line Current 6 A
Duty Cycle 2 minutes on – 2 minutes off
Weight 7 1/2 lb 
Construction Polyurethane-filled glass/nylon housing
10 foot / 3 wire power cord
Span 0-12 in. across poles