Sensor Networks Quick Swap Angle Beam Transducers,5.0 MHz x .50"

Sensor Networks Quick Swap Angle Beam Transducers,5.0 MHz x .50"

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To provide you with the longest shelf life (consumables) and / or the most current certification (Equipment) these items can be shipped directly from the manufacturer.

Lead Time: 1 to 2 Days Processing time + shipping time

Quick Swap (Quick Change) transducers use the same wedges that GE, Technisonic and many other manufacturers use (NOT Olympus wedges though)

These are C series (Piezocomposite) offer superior penetration and signal-to-noise ratio in highly-attenuative and coarse-grain materials.

Angle Beam Transducers and their wedges, generate shear (transverse) waves at the specified angle in a given test material to detect flaws that cannot be detected by a straight-beam transducer.

Typical applications include weld inspection, tube and pipe, shafts, turbine blades and wheel rims. Shear waves are produced by refracting a longitudinal wave in a precision-machined acrylic wedge that also minimizes wedge noise.

Other Frequencies Diameters, and Dampening (GP and C-Series) are available,
Which are considered to be Special Order with a 2 to 4 week lead time. Please contact us.